Jože Oberstar

The attorney Jože Oberstar, with over 20 years of experiences in economy and advocacy, is specialized in corporate law, legal and business coaching, corporate management, civil law, labor and commercial law, contract and financial law, public procurements and intellectual property law. He also deals with migrant law and proceedings for acquiring citizenship. His rich and long years’ experiences in handling complex economic disputes are guarantee for providing the best solutions in court, out- of-court or applying alternative ways. He has played an effective role in restructures and reorganization of corporations and holdings.

Jože Oberstar is an attorney with valuable experiences in the legal profession. After many years working in corporations (he was head of attorney department and deputy manager for attorney & human resource issues in a big construction holding) and civil services (in the cabinet of Ministry of internal affairs). He became lawyer in one of the biggest attorney firms in Slovenia functioning also as counselor to the board of directors for economic affairs.

Jože Oberstar has been lecturing and advising in many successful companies. He is also familiar with foreign court law which he applies on daily basis, links it with Slovenian jurisdiction and successfully applies it in solving out-of-court cases in corporation disputes and internal company issues. He is committed to providing the best solutions for diverse problems.

Since October 2015 Jože has been certificate holder of The Slovenian Directors’ Association and at the same time its active member. It should also be pointed out that he is member of many supervisory boards.

He has been long-time fully paid-up member of the British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and since 2016 also member of the board of directors.

Jože Oberstar speaks English, French, Croatian and Serbian, while the knowledge of Russian is limited to business use.

Languages: English, French, Russian, Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian

Specializations and practice areas:
– corporate law,
– contract law,
– construction law,
– banking,
– finance

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